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Expand consumption of cultural tourism and promote open cooperation

Issuing time:2020-07-08 16:46

The Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government issued on the 10th "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of New Formats and New Models to Promote the High-Quality Development of Beijing's Economy", which proposed that Beijing will expand cultural tourism consumption, promote cultural international exchanges and cooperation and expand tourism opening, and deepen professionalism. Open reform in the service sector.

  In terms of expanding cultural tourism consumption, opinions suggest that Beijing will encourage scenic spots to launch cloud tour and cloud viewing services. Implement the "walking Beijing" "traveling Beijing suburbs" action plan and the "lighting Beijing" night cultural tourism consumption plan to guide citizens to carry out family-style, personalized, strolling tourism activities. Cultivate and develop a number of new landmarks for online celebrity punching.

  In the application of smart people's livelihood, Beijing will focus on medical and health care, culture and education, and expand the coverage of smart terminals for convenient services. Support the construction of online and offline smart theaters to enhance the ability to spread excellent cultural works.

In terms of accurately supporting small and micro enterprises, the opinions suggest that it will improve the database of small and medium enterprises, and accurately assist small and medium enterprises in industries such as technological innovation and basic life services, especially catering, accommodation, tourism, theaters, etc., affected by the epidemic. Serious industry enterprises.

Among the five specific action plans, the "Beijing Action Plan for Promoting New Consumption, Leading Quality and New Life" proposes to introduce industry standard guidelines for catering, hairdressing, building malls, supermarkets, scenic spots, parks, sports venues, etc. under normal epidemic prevention and control. Promote appointment consumption. Encourage scenic spots and parks to increase ticket discounts on non-Saturday and Sunday. Qualified units can combine the Dragon Boat Festival, National Day and other holidays to optimize work arrangements and encourage employees to work flexibly.

The "Beijing Implementation Plan for New Opening Measures" proposes to build a global cultural and art exhibition exchange platform, international cultural trade cross-border e-commerce platform, etc., and promote the "Belt and Road" cultural trade and investment key project display activities and the Asian Cultural Trade Center project To promote the "dual zone linkage" between foreign cultural trade bases and digital cultural industry gathering areas. Further optimize the convenience measures for departure tax rebates and accelerate the implementation of the national tax-free shop innovation policy.

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