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School Information

Guangdong Chaozhou Kindergarten

School code : 011
School Name : Guangdong Chaozhou Kindergarten
Types of school : Private kindergarten
Location of school : Guangdong Chaozhou
Student age : 3-7
Number per class : 15-30
Working Days : Opticn1:7:30amto3:00pm                                   Opticn2:9:00amto4:30pm
Working Time : Monday to Friday
Salary (before tax) : Salary can be negotiated
Visa requirements : Economic work visa or education work visa
Nationality : English-speaking countries
Gender : No gender restriction
Work start time : 30/08/2021
Grade : Kindergarten(Pre-K, KlK 2, K 3)
Subject To Teach : English language
Other : See detailed introduction

Guangdong Chaozhou Kindergarten: Need a non-native language work permit for a foreign teacher (can be newly established, but the professional is suitable for the applied position) Need a non-English teaching post (music/art/sports, etc...) White people Budget unlimited 8, 9 Monthly position

(The school photos are for reference only, and the photos sent by the school after the interview is successful.)

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